Introducing BOLD BATCH CREAMERY — formerly known as 12 Paws Ice Cream. Click to Learn More.

Weekly Flavor Menu

Batch Menu for 1/14 Drop

All flavors will be available in pints and half-pints.


The Classic

Malted vanilla ice cream with a thick ribbon of chocolate fudge and salted cookie dough. 

You're the Zest

Cream cheese ice cream with lemon curd and house made graham crackers.

Double Galactic Brownie

Brownie batter ice cream with our gooey brownie chunks and rainbow chips.

Vegan Thai Tea

Coconut based vegan Thai tea ice cream. We'll add a black sugar caramel option to our "Sauce" collection as an add on. 

Out with the Old Sale

We're saying goodbye to 12 Paws Ice Cream and hello to Bold Batch Creamery! New name means new labels, so we need to make some space in our freezers! Everything that was made with 12 Paws labels is currently 20% off. These items will stay on sale until they've sold out.