Our Flavors

Resident Flavors

Resident flavors are here to stay for a long time, and a good time. You can find them with our retailers, on our website, and at markets. 

Oreo Borealis
Salted Oreo Cookie ice cream with with swirls of house made salted caramel sauce and salted Oreo gravel. 
Contains: Milk, Soy, Wheat

Chocolate Lover's (Rotates Monthly)
September: Chocolate Dulce Churro
Rich chocolate ice cream with with swirls of house made vanilla bean dulce de leche and gluten free churro chunks.
Contains: Milk, Soy, Egg

Peanut Butter Cookie
Salted peanut butter ice cream with a peanut butter Stracciatella and a our buttery chocolate wafer cookie gravel.
Contains: Milk, Soy, Wheat, Peanut

Strawberry Shortcake
Real strawberry ice cream with a swirl of strawberry jam and house made strawberry shortcake crumble. A nostalgic treat!
Contains: Milk, Soy, Wheat

Vegan Special (Rotates Monthly or while supplies last)

We'll always have at least one vegan flavor special available with our retailers and online! Our bases rotate between coconut, oat milk, and cashew and set the stage for flavors that are every bit as delicious as our dairy variety.
September: Vegan Matcha (Made with Arteao Life Tea)
Contains: Coconut, Soy

Visiting Flavors

Visiting flavors are small batch and available only while supplies last. Currently, our visiting flavors appear on a weekly basis. Not all visiting flavors are available with our retailers-- some are only available on our website. For a current list of in-stock visiting flavors, check our pint shop!