Updated: 9/12/2022

How do I order?

Now that we have a home at the Little Blue Bakehouse (2116 H New Bern Ave in Raleigh), we are able to keep most of our flavors in stock! That's a big change from our early days where you'd need to set an alarm for weekly flavor drops. Now, you can find 8 flavors (9 including our secret container of Sea Salted Vanilla) in the dipping cabinet for scoops, pints, and tasting flights. We also keep an array of ice cream sandwiches in stock for walk-ins. You're welcome to shop what's in stock at the shop or order online for pickup (we can hold your ice cream for up to one week). Special flavors are only available for purchase on our website due to limited supply. 

All orders must be picked up at the Little Blue Bakehouse. 

What are the Bakehouse hours?

Tues-Thu: 7am - 7pm
Fri: 8am - 10pm
Sat: 8am - 10pm
Sun: 9am - 7pm

(These hours are subject to change. Check the Bakehouse's google page for any updates before coming!) 

Can I place a custom order?

We love custom orders, and usually have time to fulfill them! Contact us at hello@boldbatchcreamery.com and tell us what you have in mind.

Do you make dairy free/gluten-free ice cream?

Yes and no! Yes, we make dairy-free and vegan ice creams. No, we cannot say that we make certified gluten free products. In our case, "GF" refers to either gluten free ingredients from outside vendors (for example, Gluten Free Baking by Meg cookies or Gluten Free Oreos) or "Gluten Friendly." We rotate vegan flavors on a monthly basis and always have at least 2 gluten friendly flavors in the case. For more information on what we mean by "Gluten Friendly," please read the next FAQ prompt. 

Is your kitchen allergen free? Is it Gluten Free? Is it Celiac Safe?

Sorry-- it is not! We work in a very small space in a big shared kitchen and cross contamination is a possibility. We cannot guarantee that any products are entirely free of allergens. "Gluten Free" is a term regulated by the FDA, and should mean that products are 100% safe for those with a gluten allergy. While we carefully sanitize our space and have dedicated supplies for gluten free ingredient preparation, our ice cream batch freezer is use for all of our products, whether they contain wheat or not. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions about ingredients or our process. 

When will you bring back my favorite flavor?

It takes a long time for us to make a flavor and make it well. This means that we can't currently bring flavors back as frequently as you might find in a fully staffed scoop shop. If you'd love to see a flavor return, let us know and we’ll keep it in mind for future releases! 

Do you make this ice cream at your house?

No! It's not legal in the state of North Carolina to produce ice cream and/or frozen desserts from home. We produce ice cream in a certified and inspected commercial kitchen and possess the proper license for frozen dessert production with the Department of Agriculture.

Didn’t you used to be called “12 Paws Ice Cream?”

Yes, that was us! We recently rebranded to Bold Batch Creamery to more clearly communicate what makes our artisanal small-batch ice cream so unique and to better match our brand identity to the experience our customers have when enjoying our ice cream. Originally I named the business “12 Paws” after my dog Pickles and kittens Olive and Pimento, but after a year and a half of operating under this name, I realized it created a lot of confusion. Many people thought our ice cream was for dogs rather than humans! 

How did we decide on the name Bold Batch Creamery?

We asked YOU! After a series of customer feedback surveys and direct discussions with our partners and customers, we reflected on what people value most about our business and ice cream: that it is unique, unexpected, delicious, decadent, coveted, and made locally and with incredible love & care. We chose “Bold Batch” because we felt it more clearly communicated the unique experience people have when enjoying our ice cream and what sets us apart from the other guys. 

What will change as a result of the new brand?

  1. The look & feel of our brand identity
  2. Our product packaging and materials
  3. Our web address www.boldbatchcreamery.com
  4. Social media handles @boldbatchcreamery
  5. Contact information (hello@boldbatchcreamery.com)

What will NOT change as a result of the new brand?

The delicious and unique flavors of our decadent ice cream. Same ice cream you know and love, just with a makeover! We won’t swap Shopify stores, so any 12 Paws Ice Cream Gift Cards and coupon codes will still be honored at Bold Batch Creamery.

How are our favorite 12 paws still involved?

They are still involved behind the scenes! If you’re curious what they’re up to, check out our staff bios!