Ice Cream for Ice Cream People

We make ice cream that is ridiculously good because that’s what ice cream should be. Small batches, bold flavor, and no skimping.

Meet Our Team



Owner/Ice Cream Lady

Obsessed with ice cream, retired powerlifter. Will find a way to tell you about her pets. 


Ice Cream Maker

Bold Batch lad by day, FineFolk man by night. Indifferent to roller blades (see: Pickles). 


Chief Security Officer

Protects Bold Batch customers from the vacuum. Is scared of roller blades. 


Head of Communications

Has an opinion he wants to share with you. Doesn’t know what he's doing.


Head Baker

Award winning biscuit maker. Only knows how to make biscuits. January's Employee of the Month.


Our Story 

Growing up, our founder Maura always loved bringing joy to others through dessert. It was her own personal interest in dessert that led her to experiment with homemade ice cream in 2020. She quickly found that most store-bought ice cream wasn’t going to cut it for her anymore. So, she decided to go rogue and craft her own ideal ice cream—one with a rich, creamy texture, unique and inspired flavors, and loads of high quality mix-ins. Working at night and on the weekends alongside her full-time job, Bold Batch Creamery was born from a humble at-home kitchen with a desire to deliver ridiculously good ice cream to the people who’d enjoy it most. Now over a year later, Maura has found herself with a community of foodies and ice cream lovers alike. She’s excited to be bringing her artisanal small batch ice cream to the wider Raleigh, Durham, and greater Triangle area with the same sincerity and surprising flavors as day one. 

We are known as Bold Batch Creamery today, but we were previously known as 12 Paws Ice Cream named after the 12 Paws after our 3 pets: Pickles (a staffy mix), Olive (a sassy tortie), and Pimento (a vocal orange tuxedo cat). Learn more about our rebrand here.