Bold Batch Creamery has Moved!

Yep, we have some big news to share. We've decided to move out of our current home at the Little Blue Bakehouse on Monday, February 19th. Our last day of service will be Sunday, February 18th. Obviously, this is a change for us all, so we've prepared a brief FAQ below to cover our bases. You can check this page for updates on where to find our ice cream.

When are you moving?

Our last day of service at the Little Blue Bakehouse will be Sunday, February 18th.  Mark your calendar now so you have time to plan a visit and stock up on all your favorite flavors and treats.   

Why are you moving?

Under our current structure, we were having a hard time keeping the business profitable and our workload manageable. We also realized that we need to take a bit of a step back in order to plan our own  eventual storefront.  We still love our friends at the Little Blue Bakehouse and encourage you to continue supporting them and any new business that fills our space. You're going to find something delicious no matter who is there, and the entire small business lineup is grateful for your support. 

Where are you moving?

We'll be moving to a new private production kitchen off of South Wilmington Street. The new kitchen won't have a store front.

Will you still make ice cream?

Of course! We'll still be busy making and selling ice cream, just not via the Bakehouse. We will have online orders available during designated windows at specified locations and eventually we will regularly serve scoops from our mobile dipping cabinet (more details to come!) and at events across the triangle. We're collaborating with our small business friends to find great places to meet you with your goods. We also plan to continue delivery through DoorDash once we get situated. 

What if I want to stock up on ice cream?

We'll have extra hands on deck from now until our departure to ensure there is plenty of ice cream for you. If there is a specific flavor that is super important for you to get, please pre-order online. Not all pint flavors are available at the Little Blue Bakehouse, so this is also going to be your best bet for getting your hands on sale pints and limited releases. 

What about monthly flavors?

This January, we've been featuring a "Flavor Roulette," with new flavors being introduced periodically. This has been in an effort to give us  time to plan our transition while still trying new flavors and featuring some of our more abundant mix-ins. We will constantly be posting new flavors to our socials, so take a peek or shoot us a message if you're unsure what you'll find there! For February, we will feature a limited seasonal menu and our mini heart cakes. We'll send another email out at the top of the month with that menu and a link to pre-order your cakes. 

What if I have a Kickstarter reward to redeem? 

No problem! Reach out to us directly, and we will give options for redeeming before or after we move. There’s no rush– we’ll make sure you’re taken care of no matter where we are. 

Can we still redeem our Scoop Tokens?

Totally. We’ll honor those anywhere we’re serving scoops. 

What if I have a Gift Card?

If you have a gift card for the Little Blue Bakehouse and want to spend it on our ice cream, you should plan on visiting before our last day of service there: Sunday, February 18th. If you have an Online Gift Card, you can use it on our website or at any future pop-up event. You still cannot use online gift cards at the Little Blue Bakehouse. 

What can we do to support you in the meantime?

Aside from stopping by or ordering online before our move, you can support us by spreading the word! If you've had a good experience with our business, please consider leaving us a Google Review or sharing our posts on social media. While our products are offered through the Bakehouse, some of our best reviews live on their business page. Google reviews on the Bold Batch page are so important to helping our business grow! 

Since we are planning our own space, we'd also love to hear what you'd like to see in that space. Or, what neighborhood would you love to see us in? Send us an email at or enter your feedback in the form below. Your feedback is the most valuable insight we have, and we appreciate you!