Bakehouse Menu

*Subject to Change*

Dipping Cabinet Flavors

Flavor Descriptions

  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Oreo Borealis
  • Ube Cheesecake
  • PB Chocolate Graham (Featuring Blue Ox Bakery)
  • You're the Zest (Lemon Cheesecake) (GF)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch (GF)
  • PB&J (Non-Dairy/GF)

Ice Cream Sammie Flavors

We love making new ice cream cookie sandwiches, so flavors will vary. Below, you can see what we try to keep in stock regularly: 

  • Bold Batch in house cookies (snickerdoodle, s'mores, etc.)
  • Bitten Bakery Cookies (Sea Salted Choc Chip, Oreo Borealis, etc.)
  • Little Blue Macaron Sammies (Flavors will vary)
  • Freshly Baked by Meg Sammies (GF Cookies, Flavors will Vary)


Enjoy at the Bakehouse or take it to go. Fresh waffle cones and cake cones are available. We even stock gluten free and vegan waffle cones! 

Tasting Flights

Having a hard time deciding? We offer tasting flights with 4 mini scoops to give you a small taste of everything you want to try.


Your choice of ice cream drowned in a double shot of espresso (decaf is available!) 

Good Pup Cups

Ice cream for dogs! Made with greek yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. Topped with a bacon peanut butter treat.

Price List





Waffle Cones


Tasting Flights
4 Small Scoops with Waffle Chips


Affogatos $6.50
Ice Cream Sammies $5.50+