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We Need Your Help!

Bold Batch Creamery is moving!!

We'll be picking everything up to move to a new home at Little Blue Bakehouse -- located at 2116-H New Bern Avenue in Raleigh (just next door to the Alamo Drafthouse!)

This is great news for us because: 

  • We'll have more space for ice cream prep. That means more ice cream, of course. Always a good thing. 
  • The bakehouse will have a store front complete with SCOOPS! We'll be able to keep a more stable rotation of flavors so that you don't miss out when you can't make it to an event or a narrow pick-up window. 
  • No more pick-ups in sketchy parking lots. We know this made for great stories, but if you only knew how many tires we've had to replace you would know it isn't quite as glamorous as it seems!
  • The bakehouse will have coffee. We love coffee. We're thinking affogatos may be in the future. 
  • We'll be sharing our new home with Little Blue Macaron (our work wife) and three other awesome small baking businesses! 

We hope you're just as excited as we are! This will help us to tell you about the important part: We need your help. Moving into the new bakehouse will mean that we'll need new equipment. We're doing all we can to keep things affordable, but ice cream equipment is incredibly expensive. Being in the new bakehouse will require a dipping cabinet, a hardening cabinet (so many cabinets, yes-- and this one alone is about $12,000). Any money contributed will go toward our equipment and upstart costs at the bakehouse. 

We'll be raising money for our move with a huge pint sale, a merch sale, and through monetary contributions. 

If you'd like to make a monetary contribution, you can do so by clicking through the "Contribute" button below:

You can find our merch pre-sale here.